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Pay-Pal Payments

Secure and easy online payments for special events, clinics and equine reproductive services provided by Coves Darden Farm are now offered through Pay Pal.

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If you are making a payment for equine reproductive services be sure to download and fill out the Stallion Service Contract. It can be faxed to 803 258- 3280 or emailed back to us at

The booking fee is a required payment for stud services and reserves your spot in line to one of the stallions on the Stallion Station.

When you have made your choice of which Stallion you want to use for your mare, look for his name on the drop down list under one of the following types of semen shipments available: Fresh Cooled Semen, Domestic Frozen Semen or Export Quality Frozen Semen.

Don’t forget to choose one of the shipping container options under the Refundable Container deposit button. If you are choosing Fresh Cooled Semen you will need to choose Equitainer. The Equitainer must be returned to Coves Darden Farm undamaged with in ten days of outbound semen shipment. If you are choosing Frozen Semen for your mare you will need to add either the Domestic or the International Frozen Semen Container deposit fee. The Frozen Semen Tank for international shipments must be returned undamaged within twenty days of outbound shipment. Domestic Frozen Semen tanks must be returned undamaged within ten days of outbound shipment.

Your first outbound Shipping fee is included under Stud fees for Fresh Cooled Semen and includes Stallion collection, semen preparation and shipment within the 48 States. (does not including airline shipments or courier shipments). Shipping fees for Frozen Semen distributions include tank lease, liquid nitrogen and handling of frozen semen and domestic shipment to you. If you request any additional shipments for Fresh Cooled semen you’ll need to make payment before we can fill your request.

!!!!!!During the Check Out process you are given the opportunity to leave instructions to seller. Please make sure you reference the name of the mare and/or the name of Mare Owner listed on the Stallion Service contract!!!!

Discounts off of Stud fees are available:

10% Early Booking on all stud fees (Service contract and Booking fee must be made prior to Jan 15th of breeding season)

20% Qualified P.R.E. Mares, Returning Customers, Embryo transfer mares and for owners wishing to cover 3 or more mares to Coves Darden Stallions within the breeding season


If you are signing up for an event or a clinic hosted by Coves Darden you will find the appropriate button below.

Coves Darden appreciates your business. If you need assistance choosing a stallion or are having difficulties making a payment on our site please don’t hesitate to call the office. We are always happy to help.


Booking Fee – stud service


Stud Fees:


Fresh Cooled Semen- Apto Reproductor Stallions


Fresh Cooled Semen- Diluted Color + Qualified Stallions


Frozen Semen- Apto Reproductor Stallions


Frozen Semen- Diluted Color and Qualified Stallions


Export Quality Frozen Semen: Apto Reproductor Stallions


Export Quality Frozen Semen: Dilute Color & Qualified Stallions


Shipping Containers


Additional Shipping and Handling
Name on Service Contract


Stall Rental options


Stall Service Options